1. SoulStream

    Meeting my ghost, face to face

    I've lived on a haunted ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills for 40+ years. In that time, I've watched everything from doors opening and closing in my house with no one "there" to 8 foot tall shadow people in my garden every November and countless moves of objects like keys and small items to...
  2. Midnight'sLightParanormal

    Investigation at the Abandoned Tilman-Hunt Cem

    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that our Halloween special episode for this year is now out! The abandoned Tilman-Hunt cemetery is tied to the very origin of the team. A chilling warning from Native American spirits has everyone on edge, but the energy that lies within the cemetery has...
  3. D

    ghost doesn’t like laughing??

    My first post, hope this is the right place to post. So, I moved to an old townhome where strange things happened, but I ignored it. Since then nothing has happened, but every time I laugh my four year old daughter freaks out & wants me to stop & will start crying. I thought it was just a phase...
  4. jayiniowa

    Boo Fighters

    Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl claims paranormal activity during recent album recording
  5. Kevin S Mclain

    Need Help With Demonic Problem

    Hey guys I was hoping that this would be a good place to get some answers. I have never dealt with demonic activity before until this past week and I am scared. Could somebody look at my video and give me your thoughts on it and how to get rid of it. Thanks. Video edited out of post by Debi
  6. T

    I am just trying to sleep but I continue to have cursed dreams followed by cursed experiences!

    I have always, in some way or another, communicated with the other side. Whether it be through sight as a child or hearing, or even dreams; the paranormal realm has always been an intimate part of my life. So, that being said, my situation is rather wack, even to myself. A few months ago I had...
  7. N

    Boyfriend Saw Something In A Graveyard

    This experience is one my boyfriend had but I was there to witness. We visited an abandoned church near my home town. It had nothing around for miles aside from cows and crops. Only one way in, a ditch all the way around and a long walk from the road. Anyway, when we entered, he got uneasy...
  8. M

    Why did it stop?

    okay so I used to often have paranormal experiences. I’d smell things, feel things and sometimes see things, but for the past year or so- nothing. Does anyone know why this could be? I miss feeling in touch with spirits. Could it be stress, mental health?
  9. JohnHermes

    Spanish Ghost Villages For Sale

    I came across this article today. Funny cause I just saw the movie "The Curse Of Llorona" (Which was pretty good btw way, from the Conjuring universe). Just wanted to share. They say there's 100's of acres of land with only 2 houses. For some reason, the government was trying to get people...
  10. A

    Haunted art work

    Haunted paintings can be creepy or sad. However, haunted art becomes all the more disturbing once its history is revealed. Curses and ghosts attach themselves to these objects because of their dark pasts. Some call these spirits dybbuks. From serial killers to tragic victims, the Paranormal...
  11. Doglover64

    Horror movie scary!

    Hello everyone. I’m new here. I’d really like some suggestions, insight, tips, ANYTHING really. My childhood home has what I believe to be multiple entities roaming the property. I’ll try to type this out in order, but forgive me if I’m a bit scattered, as a lot has happened. As I mentioned...
  12. D

    Hauntings in New Jersey & New York area......

    We're producing a TV pilot for a major cable network and we're looking for your personal paranormal stories, specifically in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. Hauntings in your home, unexplained occurrences, apparitions or voices.... whatever is affecting you, your family, or friends. Our paranormal...
  13. JohnHermes

    Seeing Shadow Beings?

    In the ancient days, magic practitioners or any occult studies would come in contact with these beings. The funny thing is that these beings were written about ages ago and there's an increase of people reporting them. As far as I see it the shadow people are entities known as fliers or...
  14. Charzy19

    Noises only in digital recordings-- may now be a believer

    Hello all, I am new here and very unfamiliar with spirits/ghosts- basically anything paranormal. I have never believed in any of it because I always believed that seeing and hearing are believing. Not sure what made me decide to do this- but several months ago I felt like I heard a very...
  15. M

    Is my friend plagued by my demons??

    Hi there, I have several loaded questions that myself and a friend would like some answers or different outlooks on! Plus I'm looking to meet new friends! I'm Megan, 19, from Canada! My experience: As a child, I grew up in a very old (200+ years old) home, which definitely had/has spirits...
  16. Brian McNeill

    Ghost pulls object in to spirit world and returns it

    I was never a believer of the disappearing object phenomena you hear about because I have not experienced it myself. I have been researching the paranormal for over 10 years and am a believer in the spirit world with lots of experiences of my own but non like this. Myself and one other...
  17. Chilling Paranormal

    Top 5 Ghosts Caught On CCTV Cameras

    Check out this video of the top 5 ghosts caught on CCTV Cameras.
  18. Y

    Mayan Ghosts?

    Hello, I recently came back from visiting Cancun and stopped by the Chichen Itza Pyramids. I've always been fascinated by the mayan culture and architecture so I spent a good deal of time just exploring and touching alot of the ruins. I myself have mayan blood from my fathers side so it was...
  19. Paranormal Phil

    Talk in the Night

    Hello, My name is Paranormal Phil and I am the host of an internet talk radio show called Talk in the Night. The show airs Monday through Friday at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern and runs for 2 hours each of those night. The show covers a lot of paranormal topics as well as some other things as well...
  20. K

    Disembodied voice

    It is the first time i have heard a disembodied voice out off nowhere, i was walking around my house 06:40 in the morning and watching youtube video and getting ready to go to work i walk past my living room door which is open when i hear i aloud clear male voice saying "hello" it scared the...