Meeting my ghost, face to face


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Apr 21, 2022
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I've lived on a haunted ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills for 40+ years. In that time, I've watched everything from doors opening and closing in my house with no one "there" to 8 foot tall shadow people in my garden every November and countless moves of objects like keys and small items to places they don't belong. Me and other family have been touched, woken to covers removed and seen more apparitions than we care to count in all that time.

My latest apparaition experience was 3 weeks ago, coming around the corner from my kitchen to the hall and turning towards my bedroom with fresh coffee in hand. As soon as I rounded the corner I was face to face with a shadow person the same size as me. I stopped sharply, nearly spilling my coffee from the cup. The entity stood there for a second and then just winked out. I still felt it there and I carried on to my room, put the coffee down and came back to the hall and asked it to put it's hand out to touch my arm. Which, it did do. I felt a cool chill and electricity feelings on my right hand and I thanked him or her for doing so.

Things like this happen a lot here. I live on an old 1850s gold mine with bodies buried on the property. We also get lots of spirit voices here. The other day I heard my name being called from outside my bedroom window. It's all pretty routine and I love how they want to chat or just make sure we know they are around. I don't allow them to come into my room (I use black tourmaline and sea salt among other things to keep them from coming in and this has been a good arrangement) to wake me like they used to. They pretty much haunt the hallway, living room and kitchen as well as my broadcast studio.

It's part and parcel of living here and my neighbors were not surprised about my haunts. They too shared stories of similar going's on here in Shingle Springs where I live. The entire Mother Lode country here in California is full of hauntings and people no longer are shocked that such things occur.
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Curious to what the significance is for that month. 8ft tall isn't a small 'guy', so hope that's where they stay lol. No negative feelings given off by 'them'?
Oh - the big ones? Negative as hell... They appear in the big garden to the north of my place and hang out there in that month and then disappear. Curiously they have been seen by my neighbors there as well in that month and they always move from my place into his yard and then disappear... It's weird. They feel bad to me but never have made a move over to give me or anyone else any grief.
At least they aren't being menacing. If they keep their distance and not try to harm (scratch etc) anyone, that's a good thing. Did any of it ever follow to an investigation? Or vice versa?
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The older i get, the more i lean towards getting them to move on. Been down that road a few times with stuff. I finally got rid of whatever was bothering me for years. Finally came to terms with what it was and decided no more.
The older i get, the more i lean towards getting them to move on. Been down that road a few times with stuff. I finally got rid of whatever was bothering me for years. Finally came to terms with what it was and decided no more.
I acknowledge them and have had one that I helped move on. The others don't seem to want to go and as long as they keep to their boundaries, I am cool with leaving them be. Also, some are relatives of mine who have visited and then left to move on... It's a real adventure living here ;>)
Have you done research on area/property? Try to zero in on who/what might be hanging about?
Yes - Old gold mining community - And, there were a lot of shady characters running around the area in the gold rush out here. Two of my spirits are not the nicest on the north side of the property and we had one woman who was buried here who died on the property - she's the one we moved on with some help. As for the shadows, they remain a mystery and likely will be for the foreseeable future. My ranch was a small village area where the mining took place and I've found a number of old building remnants and even blacksmith tools here on the property.
Gold rush days were full of hope as much as deceit. Who knows what could've manifested through all the turmoil that happened then.
Oh - I've got a passle of good ones and great memories from them - Not all of them are dark. I remember running into a spirit named Rosie - a "lady of the evening" in Placerville who has always been nice to us on investigations and whose EVPs are always humorous. Lots of them still about and it is definitely interesting to see who you capture on EVPs or run into as apparitions or who moves your stuff around - lol