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  1. U

    Is this a Spirit? Ghost? Orb?Or some form of Unknown?

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  2. M

    Advice needed - Strange terrifying entity in my head/mind

    Hello, I'm new here and hope I'm posting this correctly and in the right place. This is something I've been very worried about and pretty scared. Recently I've been having a bit of a rough patch, unrelated things I won't get into. Through everything, I had this weird internal vision of and...
  3. S

    Xfaced Square Head Entity/visitor?

    Has anyone else ever seen an square head xfaced entity with a round tear drop shaped body about or a little over 6' tall and round hands and feet. Iv seen him standing in my doorway with a red body and head with a black X with no facial features just a black X and my brother saw the same thing...
  4. JustRandomGurl

    White cat

    (Sorry for my bad english) My family usually told me that we have a strong connection with witches, because we lived on a village where that was normal. Well, I tend to saw and hear things, even it became normal. But a few days ago I saw a pure white cat in front of me. It was strange because...
  5. Salem Wilder Fox

    Scared Soulless, Please Help?

    God, this is going to be a ridiculously long explanation for me to type out. So...my partner may have something attached to him. I noticed a presence in June of 2018 when he moved into my apartment. Mind you, I'd been living there a while before then. I had never noticed anything of the sort...
  6. WhitneyKristina

    Scratching on the door, possible dream premonition?

    This just happened and it was to weird not to post about. So I am sitting in my office and I heard scratching at the bottom of the door. Which isn't that strange in my house. We have two dogs and a cat and when they want in a room they scratch at the bottom of the door until it is open or they...
  7. WhitneyKristina

    Sleep Paralysis or something more?

    The other night I experienced something I want to explain as sleep paralysis but the more that I think about it the less I think it is just an episode of sleep paralysis. In the past I have experienced sleep paralysis, not often but often enough to know what it feels like. For me whenever it has...
  8. CosmicKitten

    Light Being 2nd experience

    So this was a little more recent and unexplained, when I was around 16 or 17 the last encounter I had with a light being was when I was coming back from the hospital (still unsure why but I was otw back from the clinic due to vomiting over and over nearly every morning for over a year or longer...
  9. garnetsilver

    Protection From The Other Side

    This happened about five years ago, but made a big impression on me! I was living in Florida at the time, and had been been taking long drives to see a specialist in Jacksonville. Since I have always loved a good ghost story, or anything supernatural, I had been reading a book about haunted...
  10. L

    Possible Guest(s)

    One or two weeks ago, I was half asleep, as I was aware of my surroundings, but somehow still sleeping. I heard this rock music in my head, I remember a guitar distinctly, but there were other instruments that I don't remeber. I also heard a woman's voice, but I sadly forgot what she said to me...