You are getting sleepy....

Don't hate me, but I usually don't have trouble falling asleep. I let my body tell me when its time for bed and don't fight it. Sometimes its midnight, sometimes 8 pm. If in the mid day, I get sleepy, I take a nap.

The problem with me is, that mid-day nap totally messes up my night schedule (when I can get on one). Even a 20 min nap anytime during the day can have me up until 8am the next morning. It's a struggle I've dealt with all my life. I have a wee bit of envy for ppl who go to bed at 8pm and rise at 5am. On the bright side, night is when my thoughts come alive. I like the brownies, too :)
And if you lose count of the sheep, who cares :D.

Those sheep are too much activity. I'll be wanting to get up and join the jumpin' sheep train lol. I need the hum of my spacecraft sleep track with hi bass, low treble. It's the only thing that shuts my brain down... and the brownies