The Slap

And I have to agree with Lynne to some extent. Will showed a primitive male instinct to defend the honor and respect of his wife. I don't agree with slapping people, though, but on the other hand Chris should have kept his humor out of the getting personal range.
I have come around to thinking it was not the best decision. However in the moment it felt like Chris Rock was mocking her. I don’t buy his excuse that he didn’t know it was a health issue. She’s made no secret of it. Oh well as long as Will accepts the repercussions for his actions.
This thing may be heating up
It may all be BS...but atleast for such a brief period, it takes your mind off the world for a sec lol.
I try not to pay attention to anything from Hollywood. lol. With dismal ratings, i think they are grasping at straws...Social Media straws. But either way, i have to stand by my morals and would defend my lady regardless of implications. I would give person benefit of the doubt and ask to apologize first...beyond on lol.