Many years of experiences - from knowing, hearing and seeing

Hi. I will answer your questions in your order. Thank you for the interest btw....
The bldg was erected in 1977. I dont. However, "back in the day" The courthouse was just up the street. If you were convicted, you were marched down the street thru "repentance park" ( the fountain area lining the arena grounds nextdoor) to be hung atop that hill. Thats the only history I know of. Its an arena for concerts, trade shows, Ice Hockey, etc. I started in Aug of 2001 and am still on their payroll as needed basis. No, no original members still there. I always saw her wearing a white off white dress. Another ex-employee Thad claims, he always saw her in the upstairs Ballroom wearing a red dress. As far as i know, he's the only one who saw her wearing red....
I think that I would try to dig into the history of the property, and see what can be found about it.
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IMO, I’ve always thought Ghosts were… spirits who were trapped, stuck, in the “in between “. Cant go forward. Only remain re living an event good or bad over and over.
Again, its just my opinion, but if one believes in the Holy Bible, the spirit goes to either Heaven or Hell. This why I believe that they are a form of the energy left behind when they pass.
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I do believe spirits of people close to you can visit at times of hopelessness or stress to comfort. If these need to say who they are I don't believe they are genuine. That's my theory and experience, nobody really knows for sure much about any of this.
SO true! I've had loved ones visit me after death, some slightly visible, and others just audible.
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SO true! I've had loved ones visit me after death, some slightly visible, and others just audible.
I've never had the visible but a ghost of my step dad used to glide down the hall, I never got on with him. My young brother has spoken to me a couple of times and my nan came to me in a vivid dream, or not really a dream and got me over a depressing state I was in. The stepdad one was deff not a spirit.