1-6-2023 Friday Live Chat

Still got to figure out plans for my cat's 7th birthday surprise party. Can't believe Hank Aaron and I have been pals so long.
We share sporting goods so he may get a box of Wilson Staff golf balls.
Got more stores than i believe most know what to do with since online shopping lol.
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Me and Paul really like Harbor Freight.
For power tools that I only need once in a blue moon they are a great deal.
They also have some spray equipment that is a super value - but I kind of know how to adjust these things to get the most out of them. Adjusting pressures going into the pot , the pressure in the pot , and the air to fluid ratio in the gun.
In other words I wing it until I get a nice spray !
Hey I think I'm going to head on out here in a few minutes. Make some popcorn and have a cherry 7up and watch the rest of the hockey game.
Does anybody else hate this Balance of Nature commercial with Kathy Lee Gifford ? It is on the radio four times an hour all day long - and when I switch stations it follows me.
And this is all I want to do
Go Elvis !
Cathy Lee is probably a lovely woman, but I think a lot of people find her annoying. Nobody wants to be reminded they are getting old all day long. I hear ya Paintman.
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