1-6-2023 Friday Live Chat

Full moon tonight.

January's Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon, after the wolves that are active during the early parts of the year.

The name is thought to have a Celtic and Old English origin, brought over to North America by European settlers. Other Celtic names of the Full Moon include Stay Home Moon and Quiet Moon, while in some Native American cultures, it is called Severe Moon or Center Moon.

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Does anybody else hate this Balance of Nature commercial with Kathy Lee Gifford ? It is on the radio four times an hour all day long - and when I switch stations it follows me.
And this is all I want to do
Go Elvis !
Don't think i ever seen that one. The ones that have been popping up frequently are the 'stinky elsewhere' deodorants lol. When exactly did this become such a problem in society? Maybe was always there just people feel the need to vocally sell it...the commercials are pretty funny at least lol.
Oh I know that 'stinky elsewhere' TV commercial. This morning I'm listening to the Newstalk radio station and the callars are ripping on this latest Balance of Nature commercial.
And this station plays that same commercial four times an hour. Their version of Herb Tarlick must be pretty upset right now.

Anyway I hope you had a good day. Anything new ?
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We have some nice weather coming up and I'm going to try to chop up a ton of firewood. The last one of my ash trees that succumbed to the ashbore beetle.
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