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Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
What is your favorite..and least favorite...fast food?

And can you believe the prices these days? My son shared he bought two double bacon burgers and two fries from 5 Guys and put out over $45!
I can buy a steak or two for that! Cheap steak...lol

5 guys is way over rated, theres a couple burger specialty places near me that are very good with a great atmosphere, environment and fun places to go for that price, even a little cheaper. the fast food industry now is so overpriced it is actually as cheap to go to a full service restaurant. i try not to eat too much fast food and when i do its preferably arbys or subway.....of course though taco bell does find its way in those choices occasionally. when you gat that taco bell or krystals craving you gotta sooner or later give in....lol...luckily its only once or twice a year.
I'll second Arby's. Loved Roy Roger's but they are nonexistent now. Taco Hell is ok for craving it lol. 5 Guys has always been overpriced and yes, over rated...but the peanuts were free lol. First time i went to 5 Guys it was a slop fest and the people behind the counter...good grief. Not sure where they dug those stiffs up :skull: