This is awful. Someone needs to stop these idiotic Tiktok challenges

The page of the article wouldn't open for me but I get the idea. I remember hearing about a Russian video that dared a guy to lock his girlfriend outside in the deadly cold with no coat. He was paid on the dare. He did so and the girl died of exposure. It was horrible. The video was actually posted. People are crazy with this stuff.
Here's a live link, Lynne.

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If they would start throwing people in jail for encouraging stupid people to do dangerous things it would stop. Stupid people should be looked at sort of as if they were retarded children. They can't help being stupid but people that encourage them to harm themselves know better and so should be punished. There really is no cure for stupidity. The sad and frightening thing is that they seem to be multiplying faster every generation!
I totally agree!! Well stated Tex
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Young guys naturally do stupid things. Usually, there is a girl involved that they are trying to impress. I confess, I did my share of silly stupid things and drove too fast but even then I wasn't the kind of stupid that some of these kids are displaying these days. I think that in part it is because of the crazy things that they watch professional stuntmen do on TV and at the movies and then try to emulate what they did.