The Surge


Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
OK, peeps. I have to speak up at this point. Things are BAD out there with this Covid surge. This is not political...this is a public health crisis. Our hospitals are overwhelmed, stores are closing because entire staffs have been hit with it (see below my local pharmacy notice), store shelves can't be stocked because of people out with it, treatments can't be done for non-Covid patients because of the overload and safety issues within the hospital systems, and the Red Cross has less than a day's worth of blood on hand. Local food banks have had to close down service due to safety issues and illness.

What I'm ticked about is somehow people think this is "over". IT IS NOT. Yes, it's endemic. Yes, we will have to live with it. However, and this is a BIG however, there are some things that can be done to help mitigate this and keep us up and running.

Wear the damn mask! It hurts nothing. If I'm wrong, no one is hurt. If I'm right, less people are infected which in turn helps the hospital load. We have hospitals on overload and I see people running around mask free acting like there is no problem out there. KN95 is best. No cloth masks. You may wish to double mask with the surgical masks, which is what my son is currently doing. If you go in a building, put one on. If you are in a crowd, put one on.

Stop thinking it won't get you because you are "young". I personally know a 37 yr. old male, very outdoorsy type with no comorbidities, who's been on a vent for over a month fighting for his life. And another local has a 17 year old who has spent 156 days in hospital with it...much of that on a vent as well. Omicron may be less lethal, but it has still taken lives. Delta is still around! In Indiana, only 20% of current cases have been ID'd as Omicron at this time. I expect that number to increase but for the moment there is no way of telling at first cough which variant you may be spreading around.

Consider the vax. No, it will not guarantee you won't get infected. But it's proven that it can keep you alive. Ask your doctor. Some people can't take it, I get that. There is a risk in any vax, even the flu vax. Weigh your risk and make a decision with your doctor.

Give blood if you can. We are at crisis level, and there are many people who need platelets and whole blood for treatments non-Covid related.

Stop with the "ageism" thing. Yes, more older people die from it and I hear the "well, they were old anyway." OK folks...I'm one of those old ones with comorbidities, and I have a lot of giving and life left in me. I'd prefer to keep on living until God calls me home, not until you cough on me.

OK, once again, this is not a political post. I don't want to see politics in this. I want to see us recover from this virus surge. Do what you can to protect yourself and your family. Stay well, my friends.


Entire store staff down with Covid or have been exposed. This store will reopen with a mask policy in place, I'm told.
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I was amazed when they opened up Sydney before Christmas people just threw their masks to the side and entered crowded shopping malls ? Like they were only wearing masks to stop getting fined. I'm no genius but really.
'It's four times less likely to put you in hospital!'
'You are five times as likely to catch it.'
Reaction: 'YESSSSS!!!!! It's OVER! WAHOO! Hey everyone, let's party!'

On the upside, we're on the way out in the UK now and today, I got most of my sense of taste back! Again. It took over six months last time and a year to get it all back. Here's hoping this recovery carries on as speedily.
Also, three times now, THREE! I am the forum mineshaft canary. I got it the first two times through lack of knowledge and this time because the first person I had in my home in months was infected! But as she said, 'everyone seems to have it now; at least everyone I know. I had not the heart to say that it was because she knew them... But it's rough. Even her toddler got it. I didn't know that was even possible. At least it's not bad for them and he wasn't badly ill.
Take care out there and may you fare better than me! And if anyone else has taste problems I have helpful advice. Let me know and it's all yours.
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For those of you in the U.S., here's a link to the free Covid tests. Only need to provide name and address so it can be mailed. Very quick to do.

We paid just over $25 for a two pack of test kits back around Halloween.
If you need an upgraded mask, here's some help.

On Jan. 20, 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Washington state. In the two years since, more than 853,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus with nearly 68 million cases confirmed.


If you want to see how this unfolded here on the forum, go here:

Posts #32 and #33 always haunt me. We felt it.
I can’t read this. It steals my peace. Logical or not sometimes sticking your head in the sand is better than falling apart.