My UFO Sighting

Well when I was about 16 years old me and four others were standing outside of
a house talking at about 10pm and one of the guys said he thought he saw a star
move, so we all started looking at it and we saw nothing move, and I started to concentrate as hard as I could and asked in my mind to come show us it was there, because I had heard that Aliens are telepathic and we all have this ability, after about 5 minutes my friends lost interest, but I kept staring and concentrating, then after about 20 minutes it moved only slightly, then it started shooting back and fourth across the sky doing ohh, maybe 20,000 , maybe 50,000 miles an hour It would make 90
degree turns and 180 degree turns at incredible speeds, It was zig-zagging back and fourth, sometimes it would go so fast it would disappear, and then reappear in another location, way across on the other side of the sky, it would go up so high it would disappear and then come rushing back down, this went on for about 20 minutes, it did every trick it could possibly do to impress us, and entertain us, so I started asking it in my mind to
come down to meet us and it did, it slowly came lower and lower , and it was coming down at the location of the back yard of my friends house but there were fences and large trees back there and it was much too large to land there it was the size of 3 or 4 back yards. It was coming down very slowly so one of my friends went inside and told his parents, and boy was that a big mistake.
The mom came outside and started screaming as loud as she possibly could, then the dad, then the
grandmother. The grandmother was acting like see was having a heart attack, they all were screaming and screaming so loud and just constantly to where I thought
the 3 parents were going to wake up the whole darn neighborhood, and this light now about
600 feet high and about 300 feet in diameter was still coming lower and lower,

very slowly, it did not seem to care if the adults were screaming as loud as they could, which was going on for about 2 minutes now, because the UFO was coming lower and lower very slowly, now at about 200 feet high, and even larger in size so I told it in my mind that it was time for it to go back up, because of the scandal that the grandmother and mom were making, so it did it shot strait up and out of sight in about one second, we could see it reach the height of the stars and then disappear, and we never saw it again.

I talked to one of my friends about it a while back and he told me that I was so afraid that I was jumping up and down, and I do not even remember that. I just remember that I was like in a trance trying to communicate with it. I just could not believe this had happened. This was
many years ago before we had internet.

I saw about a year ago that Dr. Steven
Greer gives classes on how to call UFOs down telepathically. I saw he did a
demonstration of this in France for the top gov. officials and military there and
was successful getting a ufo to appear in front of them but only briefly. Dr. Greer also gives classes and sells DVDs on how to do this.

The feeling I got from this supposedly telepathic communication I had was that this thing was cold or robotic or unfriendly, but I am a kind and loving person always trying to help others and I just thought well, perhaps this alien was just very scientific, and has no room for friendly feelings and who am I to know anything about this, I am just thinking I made a telepathic contact here and maybe I really did not who knows.
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A very well given report, DogLet. Thank you for being so clear in the descriptions.

During my UFO sighting back in 1999, I got very definite feeling of "bad thing up there." I think we are playing with fire with these things. We have no idea what they truly are yet people keep trying for contact like Greer. I've said it before, I don't know what I saw, but I truly don't want to see it again, or FEEL it again, because there was a very negative vibe from whatever I saw.
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Debi , you know I was going to put in there that I thought I may have been getting an evil feeling from it, but actually erased that after I wrote it down, wow, I really appreciate you telling me this, because it makes this a more solid thought of this encounter that happened so many years ago.

I know that I have heard some people say they think they could be demonic but I have always caulked that off to them being some religious fanatics, although I know that I also sound like one my self from some of my post. I might not go to church very often, but do consider myself to have a strong belief in God, and it was strengthened by my encounters.

I had a terrifying telepathic encounter 37 years ago while hunting in the woods, with what I thought was a Bigfoot or Dogman, but it was dark and could not see it with my eyes, and it started off by me getting the same feeling I got from the UFO, while walking out to my tree stand, so I invited this what I thought was a UFO to come to visit me even though I was getting a demonic or evil feeling about it, because I thought it was my duty to my country and humanity to find out what these UFO s really are, so I could share this information with others, thinking we all need to know what is walking this earth other than us.
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I have seen UFOs on two occasions. First time, I was about 5-6 yrs of age. Young as I was I could never sleep @ night. So I would roam around the apartment in the dark or, as on this particular night, I went to a window on the North/West side of the apartment. I love looking out of this window because across the street there was a huge vacant lot and no trees to block the view. Well, it probably was, IDK, 1-2am. Quiet as always, I looked up and there it was. a long Cigar shape whatever with blinking colored lights. Green, red, white, yellow lights. This thing was moving vertical straight up, making no sound what so ever. It was moving real slow and I wasn't afraid of it, just wondering what it was. Keep in mind I live in Chicago 1972-73.. To this day, I still strongly believe that someone or something was watching me back, and strange things started happening after.
The second time was when I lived in Bowling Green Ky. I was home alone with Snickers, (Pomeranian). My wife @ the time, Christine was on night shift @ work. So, snickers and I was lying in bed around 1am. To set a good picture of this, the head of bed set under a window on the North side of the home. I wasn't asleep, just laying there staring at the ceiling with snickers on my chest. the window was open and the breeze was awesome. Then, snickers jumped up, looking out the window, started growling. I thought it may have been someone walking by. Then I noticed that it was too quiet outside and then I heard it. It was a very soft pulsating sound. " Woooommm, Woooommm." and then I notice the green pulsating light coming through the window, illuminating the room. So. snickers looked @ me, I looked @ snickers, and we dashed to the door and went outside. there it was, facing North, heading from West to East. A triangle shaped object that flashed a green light as it made that "Woooommm" sound. I looked down @ snickers, she looked up @ me and we went out toward the streets. there was no sound anywhere around us, as if we were the last two on earth. It was up there pretty high up. Then it just shot off into the sky, out of site, out of mind. 2012
I love the apartment and Snickers is a doll. That had to be something to see. Hopefully they hadn’t just dropped you off, lol. Thanks for sharing that !
So what came of the visitation?

Did it continue to interact with you and what did it feel like at the time, how long did it last, etc?
This sighting occurred on a summer evening, just before dark in the early 70s. I was in my early/mid teens, and we lived in rural Greene Co, between Xenia and Beavercreek, Ohio. At the time the area was all farm land with just a smattering of old farm houses, including our home. My younger brother and I were in our back yard when I noticed a USAF C-119 transport approaching Wright-Patterson AFB (10 miles away) from the east. (I assume the aircraft was one from Clinton County AFB near Wilmington, Oh where an Air Force Reserve C-119 unit was based at the time. C-119s were very common sights in the area as a result.) The aircraft was probably at 2000-3000 ft, flying at around 150 mph.

As I watched I saw a brilliant light, quite small and very well defined, streak into view from overhead (approximately 30 degrees from the vertical from a southwestwardly direction) heading directly towards the transport. For the next 15-20 seconds, the light darted around the C-119 at very high speed, performing sharp maneuvers flying above, below and around the aircraft. The light then sped off in the same direction from which it came, although climbing at a significantly shallower angle than it arrived. Within seconds it was out of sight. Total time the light was in sight was less than 30 seconds.

During the encounter, there was no sound other than the piston engines of the transport. The C-119 did not appear to take any evasive action, meaning either the crew didn’t see the light or made a conscious decision not to evade. The C-119 continued towards WPAFB, where I assume it landed.

I specifically remember watching the local news for the next few days, and reading the local newspapers to see if the incident was reported. It was not uncommon for UFOs to be reported on TV and in the newspapers of the day, but no mention of the light I witnessed was reported by local media..
This is really interesting! You say it was a light, but other than "very well defined" are there any other descriptors you could add to explain the physcial description? Was the light colored or a bright white? "Quite small": how small cmpared to the aircraft?
This is really interesting! You say it was a light, but other than "very well defined" are there any other descriptors you could add to explain the physcial description? Was the light colored or a bright white? "Quite small": how small cmpared to the aircraft?

Bright white light, defined as in no glare or other light emanating, a point of light like the laser pointer analogy I made in a later post. Light was orders of magnitude smaller than the Boxcar, about the size of a bright star viewed with the unaided eye on a clear night.
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