Ghost Adventures shares facts


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Oct 14, 2017
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That kind of crap is utterly denounced by our group, it gives the industry a very bad name. Unfortunately these people tend to be the loudest and get the most attention.

I don't have a problem with people making a living off the paranormal, but people who are faking it are doing it a terrible disservice to everyone else who takes it seriously, as well as disrespecting the dead. You can't call them out publicly or you risk a libel suit that most judges would shake their heads at and wonder why their time is being wasted.
attention is what they are after, it raises their youtube memberships and ad revenue. i dont mind at all the ghost tours in most of the tourists areas, i always try and catch one when in certain areas, its fun and you learn about the cities history. those are as much a history tour as a ghost tour. but they dont actually claim to be what some of these others are. what gets to me are the ones who claim to be actual investigators and then make all these fantastical stories of utter nonsense and get ppl to believe it. then those people come to more legitimate groups trying to pass off so and so's stories and amazing encounters they barely survived and on and youtube is a lot of peoples intro into gathering info in the cryptid world and with the influx of ppl has become oversaturated with "investigators" who are having to one-up each other in order to keep members, and in doing so will pass on any story no matter how unbelievable or far fetched. the sad thing is that now more actual groups seem to think they have to follow this pattern and are casting actual results out in order to draw more followers. until the entertainment side is separated from the real investigative side its going to be a bumpy road for ppl trying to find true encounters and answers