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    Hi Snoopy and welcome to the group! There is nothing I love more than sitting around the fire here at PR and listening to a new Voice with a new Telling/Story... (metaphysically of course... or is it?... what IS the fabric of a Reality? :ghost:) See you soon.

    Hello Krypton! It is good to meet you. I am an Okie myself although I have wandered here and there for many years since I was young. I will tell you that you are not alone. You will not be labelled as crazy. And you can talk about whatever you want and/or need and we will listen. We will conversate. And... we will sometimes be annoying. But, that is how friendships work. Welcome Krypton. Now. For the annoying part. :eek: Me.

    Hearing the void of sound dealing with Ley Line's is a rare and powerful Gift you know. So rare, that I would be honored to offer you a Telling, if you agree. As it was told to me.

    The Telling goes that the dark one's came into this World in a far far distant time when The Children/humanity were newly birthed from The Mother. And the first and most important order of dark business was to seek out and systematically entrap, snare, camouflage, or all the above, in any way necessary ...The Vibrations of The Ley Line's, in order that The Connection might be eventually stolen or at the least, erased from the memory of The Children/Humanity -- or most of Humanity... there were turncoats from the beginning it is said.

    The Ley Line's can not be destroyed you see. Nor corrupted like a Vessel. They are God Formula. They are the Song/Vibration that connects Mother Earth and all Her Children/Living Beings to each other and The Creation/Creator.

    So. The dark one's swarmed over The Mother, as they were ordered, searching and casting and tunneling and sniffing, and griding, and scrying ceaselessly for these Ley Lines. It was not to be an easy feat this, you see. The dark ones had given over their connection to The Creation freely and therefore their connection to The Ley Lines was forfeit. Other dark mean's must be employed in this endeavor and horrific deeds were done... But, dark means are not near as powerful or clever as The Light. So, for hundreds and hundreds of thousands and thousands of years these camp dogs sought The Ley Lines with some little success...because the truth for darkness was ... The Ley Lines are fluid you see, and myriad. The dark one's had entered into a endless and unwinnable battle with Light. When their dark ways did manage to lay hold of a Ley and attempt to entrap or snare, The Leys would simply divert to a different path. Like a stream parting round a boulder.

    This so enraged the dark one's that they ranted and raved and snarled and spit and cursed so loudly that their Master, residing deep within the dark waters, heard their thrashing and gnashing and was alerted to the failure. Then, in his arrogance, he came forth from his vile place and walked upon The Mother... which was forbidden by The Creator/Creation... and the fate of the dark one's and their Master was sealed for Eternity as his foot touched the Earth. Knowing his fate was sealed, the Master used his last breath to vow to The Creator/Creation that these who were The Children of The Mother, would by his last breath, cease to Remember and the Connection would forever be broken. Thus would they wander searching in twilight with only the night for company. With that stench of breath... which was death, 'man/the vessel' was corrupted, but... 'The Children' refused to bend and continued ever searching for what was taken from them. Memory. Connection. Vibration. Light. The Leys.

    It is true that the memory of The Children may be stolen by darkness, but The Leys can not be destroyed you see. Nor corrupted. They are God Formula. Eternal. The memory never held The Connection. In this the great deceiver was himself deceived. The Connection can not be Broken. The Leys will Sing until The Children hear. And Remember.

    I look forward to hearing more of your Gift and your Journeys.
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    Welcome Keypton. Just jump in and dont worry we all have had our crazy moments
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