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Jul 8, 2017
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Austin, I'm sorry I'm so slow these days on answering. Usually I'm right on things, but I am juggling duties here at home.

OK! So, first new/old theory out there that I don't like is the revival of the "walk ins." This theory came forth and into vogue with Ruth Montgomery back in the 70's. In case you haven't heard of Ruth, she was an extremely well known psychic of the time, along with Jeane Dixon. Jeane was the psychic who tried to warn Kennedy of the assasination. Anyway, Ruth had the theory of walk ins a popular theory back then, and it sort of went out of style for quite sometime until recently. Out of the blue I heard it again from a new psychic pushing the idea recently.

Next, we have the latest "it's all connected" theory that everyone is writing books on this last year or two. If you follow that idea back, you will see that is evolved almost directly from the work of John Keel. More here at this link on him.

A study of John Keel

This one gets complex because John's research and studies covered a LOT of territory and you'll see his ideas pop up in a lot of new theories of late.

My suggestion is you read up on some of the older people of the field as you also read the newer stuff. You will find a treasure trove of info that is directly related to much of what we are learning more about today.
Yup I'm 22, and don't worry about it, I understand you can't always replay quickly, no one can. :)

Interesting theories!
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