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  1. J

    Looking for haunted locations that aren't well known

    Hey guys. Been looking for the most haunted places in the world and came across some good lists. I think this one os the best though: Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World - Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the World - A History of Mystery Just wanted to see if anyone had any really really...
  2. T

    Can Anyone Help Validate This Experiance?

    My partner got a spirit box and wanted to try it out and we got some answers. I have never used a spirit box so I just wondered if they are reliable or not? The responses we got seemed to respond to the questions we asked. There were five different voices we heard. A voice with a heavy accent...
  3. Midnight'sLightParanormal

    The Investigation of King Hiram Masonic Lodge is finally here!

    Our newest episode takes place at King Hiram Masonic Lodge in West Alexandria Ohio. This was a very personal investigation for many members of our team. The evidence we captured was shockingly relevant! Check it out and let us know what you think.
  4. Midnight'sLightParanormal

    Ties to William Henry Harrison

    This investigation took place in Eaton Ohio and has ties to president William Henry Harrison. We’d love to hear your thoughts!
  5. Midnight'sLightParanormal

    Midnight's Light Investigates Martindale House Tavern & Inn

    This location is in Metamora Indiana. Thoughts on the episode?
  6. D

    The Highway

    My family has a history of weird happenings. My grandmother on my father's side is a firm believer in the Paranormal and has tried to impress that same belief on me. My mother on the other hand, has always been a sceptic and disapproves of my grandmother's tall tales. I tend to side with my mom...
  7. Ahal101

    Paranormal experience returned

    Hi guys new here and I need some help with some recent experiences that started happening again . Last time in remember anything happening was when I was in High school..... This one is from last night So It was around 3 am ish everyone was asleep ...... the girls (my daughters 2&4) started...
  8. T

    Hearing the voice of a dead friend or loved one?

    I am wondering if anyone has ever heard the voice of a deceased friend or loved one? if so, what it said? Was the voice random (out of nowhere)? Was it clear as day? Did it identify you and itself and try to communicate with you? Were there other people around or we're you alone? Was the voice...
  9. U

    Is this a Spirit? Ghost? Orb?Or some form of Unknown?

    Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files
  10. L

    Some kind of 'being' keeps appearing.

    So, our encounter/experience - the entire thing started about about ten weeks ago, as me and my girlfriend moved into our house about that time. We live in a village, alot of the houses are close together, but the edge of our property stops just before a woodland. There's like a kind of natural...
  11. ayefoxie

    Triangle of Blue Orbs

    Hi, I am new to this site and signed up to get some answers. Yesterday, my mom and I finished painting my room and hanging up my wall decor. We took pictures to show the family. My moms photos turned out good and so did mine but, my photos had 3 little Blue Orbs in a triangle. They aren’t in...
  12. T

    Shadow Thing Caught On Camera

    I posted in the experience forums a few days ago about my experience with a man in a hat as a child. A lot of people replied me saying they thought it might have been the "Hat Man". Well I started researching it and came across shadow people. Now, It reminded me of this photo I took in June...
  13. N

    Boyfriend Saw Something In A Graveyard

    This experience is one my boyfriend had but I was there to witness. We visited an abandoned church near my home town. It had nothing around for miles aside from cows and crops. Only one way in, a ditch all the way around and a long walk from the road. Anyway, when we entered, he got uneasy...
  14. Sad man trying

    The bridge

    Okay, I'm very sorry I haven't been much active lately. I had to go to a village for some volunteer work of making a bamboo bridge(we call them shanko) over a canal that separated it from the nearest city. Something happened within this time. Bamboo bridges are generally very rickety, they are...
  15. T

    Unexplained Sightings As A Child

    There are two experiences that stand out to me that I have tried to explain for many years. The first one I don't remember personally but it's a story many family members have told me. It always the same story. When I was about two years old I had suffered from chest infections for most of my...
  16. Sad man trying

    The thing that threw my uncle

    Okay, so this is my second time posting here. The following incident happened when I was 8. My grandma had died just months ago, so I was left in the care of my uncle. That particular day, I had said a swear word out loud. Uncle was punishing me. It started in the middle of him punishing me. I...
  17. JohnHermes

    Strilling Castle - Tourists Actually Seeing Apparitions.

    This castle in Scotland is huge. Go to 16:00, it looks like they caught a small glimpse of the photo.
  18. JustRandomGurl

    White cat

    (Sorry for my bad english) My family usually told me that we have a strong connection with witches, because we lived on a village where that was normal. Well, I tend to saw and hear things, even it became normal. But a few days ago I saw a pure white cat in front of me. It was strange because...
  19. KorreHimitsu

    Unknown Entity at Local School

    Hey everyone how's it going, last night a group of friends and I had a run in with what could have been a malevolent entity however we're still not sure as to what it could have been. Now about as cliche or bad as this sounds, it definitely wasn't our imagination, it was not our minds playing...
  20. M

    Why did it stop?

    okay so I used to often have paranormal experiences. I’d smell things, feel things and sometimes see things, but for the past year or so- nothing. Does anyone know why this could be? I miss feeling in touch with spirits. Could it be stress, mental health?