2-2-2023 Thursday Live Chat

Good Afternoon ParaForums
Which was an excellent show.

Most of my shows were pretty darn good even by todays standards.
You don't hear me say that much about my shows... but even I realize that I didn't get to be one of the top podcasters in the field by being a bad interviewer. We're back soon. And we're going to have a hell of a time.

I might even break out some impersonations and as always, some bad jokes!

We had some roofers scheduled to work on our garage roof. Mr. Garnet told me that they were coming very early, around 7 in the morning. (Which is the middle of the night as far as I am concerned.) So, naturally I was still sleeping. I was dimly aware of them hammering outside, but with earplugs I was able to go back to sleep. I began to dream that the workers had come into the house and were just acting like they owned the place, lol.

Later Mr. Garnet called to ask if they had finished, and mentioned that he had stopped and spoken to two of the guys just before he left for work. I asked him to describe them, and they were the ones I saw in my dream. Funny!