1-21-2023 Saturday Live Chat

OK, you must have "sent" those thoughts to me because I ordered donuts on my pick up for today! I had a serious craving! We don't have any donut shops in our area. Mine came from Walmart bakery but they are still sooo good.
I'll have to try the ones from Walmart!
I have never met a donut maker that I do not like. :)
My favorite donut EVER is a sugared-covered Pashki filled with chocolate fluff made by Dunkin Donuts. Have not had one in years. I would probably eat a box of those if I ever found them again. Would also probably have a sugar overdose but I wouldn't care!
Custard eclaire's topped with chocolate or Bismarks ( Raspberry filled with granulated sugar on top.) Haven't had either in years.
Hiya !
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Good morning gang. The weather is turning colder. We have had on and off snow flurries. I am ready for sunshine and warmer weather. I am hoping to go to the cinema tonight. Idk what movie yet. It just seems like a good idea.
I’m soooooo ready for warmer weather too.