Why at night?

This is funny but the show im watching just did an episode in the daytime and why lol they say its to reduce the noise of the day and light sources. I get that
I am also a UAP investigator and all of my sightings have been at night. Yes, I know many are documented during the daylight, but I have only seen them at night.

Investigated several abandoned buildings in daylight, with no power. Some have had basements and sections with no light at all, so it was still dark inside.
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Several reasons. Night is typically quieter, and you can only gain access to some places at night. Fewer living persons keeps the energy clutter to a minimum. Darkness is required to get video of certain apparitions and energies. Also some believe that the spirits are just more active at night, probably for the reason that fewer living people are around.
That said I have seen some good evidence gathered during daylight.
You have explained it perfectly, my take is the same.
That make sense! I dont fear the dark im just scared of whats in it lol.
Tabby, your fear is their ONLY tool. Lose your fear, employ a few simple, but basic protection rites, and they CANNOT harm you.
Shadow figures have run away from me.
And please, God, keep them running! :)
I notice these shows on TVC that are supposed to be doing paranormal investigations they do it at night. Is there a specific reason for that? is it recommended to do that?
Most investigators have day jobs that earn them their money. Paranormal teams don't charge any money, so gotta get the bacon somewhere. Everyone had great answers, so think all have summed it up pretty well.
Everything is scarier at night. It reduces our visual information which is our primary sense. We often can't identify the sounds we do hear. Overall, being in an area that is purported to be haunted at night means that the personal anxiety and tension is palpable just from suggestion alone. Of course you can also increase the trope value by getting things going in a thunderstorm...
They Only Come Out At Night...

This was and is an amazing album. Winter's iconic Frankenstein is on it.

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