Vivid End-Of-Life Dreams


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Jul 29, 2015
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Virginia, USA
Vivid End-Of-Life Dreams May Help Comfort People Facing Death

subtitle: Emotionally charged dreams that lessen the fear of death are surprisingly common.

Author: Carolyn GregoireSenior Health & Science Writer, The Huffington Post

Barry, an 88-year-old patient in a hospice in upstate New York, had an extremely vivid dream one night in which he was driving somewhere unknown. While dreaming, he heard the voice of his deceased mother saying to him: ‘‘It’s all right. You’re a good boy. I love you.’’

Experiences like Barry's are extremely common, according to a new study in which he participated. In the last days of life, many people report having extraordinary visions and dreams that they say help them become less afraid of death.

The research, which was recently published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, finds that end-of-life dreams and visions are a natural part of dying, and that they tend to be "comforting, realistic, and often very meaningful."

At least half of conscious dying patients experience these visions, and they often describe them as profound. But as typical as these experiences are, they're a seldom-discussed aspect of the dying process

Here are some of the most striking findings:
•Eighty-eight percent of participants had experienced at least one dream or vision in the days, weeks or months leading up to their death.
•The experiences were personally meaningful and emotionally significant.
•Despite the fact that nearly half of the dreams or visions occurred during sleep, the overwhelming majority of patients said that they felt real.
•The most common visions were of deceased family and friends, followed by visions of family and friends who were still alive.
•Visions of the deceased were "significantly more comforting" than other types of visions.
•As death approached, dreams or visions of the deceased became more common.
•Sixty percent of the experiences were described as comforting or extremely comforting.

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This may not be news to some of you. I have often wondered how someone is prepared for death by our maker. Perhaps this article helps to explain.
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