That's a "Croc"...

Touche' Senoir! Touche'. For the record, I never said WEAR THEM ALL DAY! LOL. Hey, go check the mail....put the crocs on Oh crap nevermind. yall hate em, I put down my sword! Lol

nah. just set in my steve described me perfectly with his last paragraph.......

For myself I typically wear either boots (work boots, hiking boots, combat boots, motorcycle boots) or simple "skater" style tennis shoes (like Vans or classic Converse), depending on weather and what activities I have planned for the day.

this is a perfect description of what my shoe inventory looks like. every single one of those type shoes/boots is in my just cant do the flip-flop
I hate Crocs for several reasons. Because of wearing them one summer, I have slight "hammer toes" which throws my gait off when I walk. I see an amazing amount of health care professionals wearing these awful shoes.

Steve had excellent reasons outlined about why not to wear them. I will say though, that if you are just wearing them around the house, they are probably okay. But I wouldn't want to have to run in them!
I have a pair of real moccs, Mr. Garnet made them for me.
I love them. I now get mine from Minnetonka but have made my own. I need to "feel" the floor or earth under me and these let that happen. That's not just a spiritual thing, but now also a need to know where my feet are thing from left over nerve damage.
Just to get the mail.
Don't have to sit down to put them on.
Really liked the low cut LL Beans though. Wore out the soles to a slippery slick not - safe level. Knot on my head to prove it, to !
Yes, I'm talking about Crocs...the shoe.
This poor shoe has become the joke of shoes! Now, I ask ya...what is so wrong about them?
Comfy, easy to put on, comes in every color and design possible...sounds perfect yet they have a terrible reputation! lol
Have you ever worn them? Do you own a pair but are afraid to go in public with them?
While on the topic of footwear, what is your "go to" shoe?

1957 black Justin cowboy boots