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Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
Ask anyone who knows me...techie stuff scares me.
So, when something happens with my computer, phone, Kindle, etc., I have immediate blood pressure problems! lol

Today was one such day. Earlier this week I lived my nightmare of not having internet on Halloween Night and had to learn new ways to use my phone for the party here, and today I had a total wipe out on my computer.

I ask you now, when you have a tech issue with a device, who fixes it?
You? A relative? The kid next door? Or someone in the business?

What kind of problems can you fix yourself before you yell for help?

I usually fix it myself. I broke down once and called "tech support' which was in India i believe, and was 'helped' by a guy named Bob rofl. I hung up on him and fixed myself anyway :)
I yell for help from Mr. Garnet but usually only when I have begun tearing out my hair, lol. I taught myself how to use a computer. I got a lot of help at first, from a young neighbor girl, but soon got the hang of installing, updating and vetting software on my own. Windows 10 causes me a lot of frustration, mostly because of a lot of unecessary software which I either disable or uninstall.
I'm a tech nerd, I build my own computers and have built them for others. I also like to dabble around writing code. My son is taking a coding class and it's fun being able to help him with his homework in a way most parents would be able to do. Just this week he stayed late after school because his coding teacher was having a weird run time error, that is the code was running without any issues but it wasn't producing the expected results. On the drive home he told me what the code was doing and we discussed possible solutions. Today when I picked him up he said that the teacher fixed the code using the methods I suggested.

All this to say that when there is a tech issue with anything in the house it falls on me to fix. (Along with the non tech stuff like plumbing, woodworking or automotive.) Even outside the home my friends and coworkers count on me for basic tech support.
i usually fix them myself, could build computers at one time....had to learn html and whatnot back in the day, could build sites from scratch and all the cool effects and stuff, got out of all that a few years ago and now cant stand doing that stuff anymore, but can usually fix most problems that crosses my system. not interested in building systems now, if it crashes too bad id just get a new im currently still running a windows 8, that was forced to
lol I'm the relative they call. I did tech support for about 8 years for internet and such. So glad that's behind me. :D
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I message Critter if I can't figure it out. For my phone, I have learned a lot by watching you tube videos. I type in my problem and follow the steps. Surprisingly, I have fixed a lot of my issues on my own that way.
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I always try to fix things on my own. Only issue lately i have had is waiting for company that holds my 401k and have it basically put into my name, away from previous job. The letter i got from them was i was 72 and ready for withdrawl rofl. I am only 50.