Somethings touching me....

Thank you brother. Since my announcement, last night was quiet.
Cool, I've tried just ignoring entities at times, like a human bully picking on you but you need to tell them off as you did because these things don't take subtle hints. I think most of these are all hot wind though and back off if they are confronted and you can't punch them in the face like a persistent human bully, lol. Tbh I have swung punches at entities at times, would be funny to see on film, lol.
My first subject line was "somethings fingering me"...... That just wouldn't sound right. Lol.
So, last night, wifers was very tired. I was in the living room on the laptop researching. About 930, wifers came in and announced she was giving up the ghost, and going to bed. I wasn't quite ready but, decided to call it as well. After shutting things down, turning off lights, locking doors, etc, I crawled into bed. Wife was facing her lamp, back turned to me. It was dark, I didn't know which way she was facing. I was on my back starting out as always. After less than a minute, I assumed my wife was lightly stroking her finger slowly up and down my left elbow. very softly. Almost unnoticeable. Shes been known to do something similar. After oh, 4 or 5 minute's of this, I asked her if she was touching me. She said No, she was bundled up and facing the opposite direction. Alrighty then!

Here is what it felt like…
I'm nominating the finger video for digit of the year.
Garnet I'm sorry you have to deal with this
Ugh, I hate being touched like that. Claim your space, Rivers! I have had things tap my feet, tug at the blankets (when I was a child) and whisper my name while I am sleeping.

In this house, and our last two homes, something kept calling Mr. Garnet's name and he would come to see what I wanted, and I would be surprised because I hadn't called out to him. I finally spoke out loud and said knock it off, and leave this place or you will definitely want to!
Im sorry you are still dealing with this B.S. It's awful but it forces you to stand in your power
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