Owl found in Rockefeller Tree

Walking Goose

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Aug 10, 2020
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Its obvious I like birds but how smart they are is something I ama finding out. Local people have gotten the blackcaps and other birds I dont know the name of to eat birdseed out of their hands. I didnt do it for awhile but with winter here I decided to try it just to give the little winged peeps a chance First they ignored me. The others that were there,(about two poeple) had them eating from their hands. I was wondering what I was doing wrong so quit. I tried this a couple of times and though maybe it a color I am wearing or they dont like the mask I have on. The next day I go back and have no food but stop on the trail to look at my phone and a bird lands on the bush near me and looks at me! Then another comes. I may be wrong but I think they knew who I was and wanted something to eat. I had no food but went home and got the birdseed. I had about eight different birds of dif types land and eat. I went back the next day and nothing. I looked around and saw a hawk flying and knew they were laying low while the hawk is hunting. Now i go there and they come right away and eat. I do it almost daily . It makes me smile to see their cute little faces and eyes turning and looking at me side to side. I have a spouse smarter than me and she said make sure you wash your hands everyday after feeding them. I am hoping for the day I will know one by its markings or personality.