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Oct 4, 2015
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The SB-11 is merely two SB-7's side-by-side in the same case, with the added feature of being able to scan twice as fast as the SB-7. Good choice, I prefer it to the SB-7. We recently picked up the Spirit Box Portal also, which virtually eliminates the pop-pop-pop of the SB scans. A very nice addition for either SB-7 or SB-11.

The very first real investigation my wife and I did was mind-blowing. I had started setting up our then brand-new SLS camera and aimed it off at a corner, then turned to finish setting up a NV camera. When I turned around, there was a stick figure on the SLS waving at us, only eight feet away! Obviously this blew me away and I grabbed the SLS and started talking to the entity. My wife ran over and started getting screen shots with her NV camera over my shoulder. I was too excited and forgot to open the recording feature on the tablet so thank God my wife got the screen captures. For the next five minutes we asked it questions, it waived on command several times, before finally growing weary of us. It then reached over to a steel column next to it, and climbed up the column to a deck above. We were stunned, out of breath, full of adrenaline.

What a start to paranormal investigation!

We were told by veterans to expect to investigate a lot before we got evidence. To get it the first time out, before we are even finished setting-up, was amazing and hooked us instantly. Sounds like something similar with your Spirit Box sessions.
Wow that had to be exciting.
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