Mystery Solved

Intention, Garnet. See it as closing a door and send. If you know where it's at, visualize the place and send the energy towards it. If not, ask for St. Michael's help and send the intention that all who are using it go to the light and stay there, then see the door closing. It may take repeated tries. Anybody continues to show up at night use the same technique. Tell them to go and shut the door behind them.
Didn't know your husband was sensitive to this stuff as well. Stinks it used the cats to gain access. I don't know how to close a portal or i'd offer suggestions. Is it something you can feel? Like where in house or property it is? Or does that not matter and it's the intent that matters most?
I didn't know he was sensitive to it either! He found out when the stuff started getting so much worse that I was losing a lot of sleep. He decided to try tuning in and discovered that he could. He was pretty skeptical, before.

Now the portal is not something I can feel. It wasn't until I was describing how my cat 's spirit had seemed to come through a swirling white light in the wall that I realized that it must have been a portal. Then I realized that these other beings had come through as well.

The portal got opened at our old apartment. Then these things attached themselves to me, and came to our new house. So we are both practicing visualizing that portal as being closed. It is definitely a learning curve!