Mystery Shipwreck in Gulf of Mexico

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    Mystery shipwreck found in the Gulf of Mexico - Unexplained Mysteries


    The origins of the shipwrecked vessel remain unclear. Image Credit: NOAA
    Researchers discovered the unidentified 200-year-old wreck during an equipment test earlier this month.
    Found 1,460ft down along an underwater cliff known as the Florida Escarpment, the wreck was discovered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Okeanos Explorer vessel during testing of a remote-operated vehicle approximately 160 miles offshore.

    The shipwreck measures 124ft long however little else is known about it so far.

    "The remotely operated vehicle dive... provided basic information about the shipwreck and its current condition, but left archaeologists with many questions, including what type of sailing vessel the wreck is, why it is there, where it is from, how old it is, who was on it and where they were from," Frank Cantelas of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research told Newsweek.

    The only real clue about the vessel's origins is the number "2109" nailed to the edge of its rudder.

    "The deep waters of the ocean hold many shipwrecks and are an underwater museum we have only started to explore," said Cantelas. "This chance discovery is a window into the past and allows us to learn more about the maritime archaeology of the Gulf of Mexico."
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