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Discussion in 'Your Paranormal Experiences' started by Owlykat, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Feb 12, 2018
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    Well here I am posting about my experience earlier this week. I just moved into an apartment a little ways off campus from where I go to college at TTU. The apartment is made for four but currently only me and my friend Amy are living there as our other roommate is currently in the process of transferring. I'd also like to say while I am on here I'm not a huge believer of the paranormal and just posting this on here makes me feel crazy but things I can't explain have happened and I'm actually a bit scared as dumb as it sounds. It all started last Monday with things not being where I remember putting them but I dismissed it as I had just moved in and likely just moved things without remembering doing it as moving in is exhausting. So to me its no surprise that I could've misplaced a few things here or there. But it didn't stop there. Not living on campus I can have a pet and I've adopted a cat from a local animal shelter. Usually he sleeps at the foot of my bed but on last Thursday around 3:45am I woke up to him hissing at something. My first reaction was to sit up see what was wrong. Being near campus there's alot of street lights near my apartment so I didn't turn on the light but as I tried to calm him (the cat) he darted out of the room still hissing. I now at this point only half awake and pretty confused started to look around and noticed a corner of my room that had a dark shadow in it. I know what your thinking "so what?" But this corner of the room was across from my window which light from the street light shone through on that side of the room. The second thing I realized was that my door to my room was open which I always close at night to keep the cat from roaming the apartment and causing trouble. I'm not sure how to explain it but the shadow seemed thicker than it should've been and that freaked me out but as I was struck with an unnatural girlish fear a door down the hall from mine , the bathroom, opened slowly. At this point I was terrified for some reason I'm not sure why but I had a feeling something in the bathroom wasn't right. Idk how to explain it the air just felt heavy. As I watched my blankets clutched to my chest like a little girl, I swear to god I saw something flash from the corner of my room down the hall to the bathroom. This was enough to make me turn on the lights and run to the bathroom to see if anything was wrong and of course nothing was off except a black smudge on the mirror. Nothing else happened after that that I know of as I stayed with my boyfriend for the weekend. But now as its nearing 11:00 pm I'm afraid to go to sleep. I'm not sure if what I saw was a trick of the light or an air draft but it terrified me. I'm not sure what to think so I posted it on here... Anyone else have any experiences like this? Or am I going crazy?
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    Hi and welcome Kat. No judgement here. Most of us have expierenced crazy stuff too. Campus apartments have a lot of people passing through them. Who knows what someone has brought in there spiritually. Can I ask what your faith is? Perhaps a room cleaning is in order. We can tell you how to do this but it helps to know what you believe in first. This will get rid of negative activity and make you feel safer. Keep us posted If anything else happens. Btw, objects can get moved by spirit it is not uncommon.
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    Hi OwlykatOwlykat. Thanks for posting the events of that night. It must have been very frightening. Welcome to the ParaNormalForum (PNF). I hope that PNF members can help you analyze what you saw and make living in the apartment more comfortable.
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    Hi Owlykat and welcome to PNF :). No need to feel crazy posting things here, no one here judges and the members here are all willing to listen and help as much as they can. As Lynne said, we've all experienced some really bizarre things (can read some of my early threads as an example). First off, the dark figure, did it look like anything in this pic I took in 2006?

    I have had a similar experience, except the figure I saw was standing right next to my bed, by the side I was laying on and when I opened my eyes I say this figure as clear as day. A very dark black humanoid figure. That was really terrifying, you can read about it here on the 5th paragraph. Along with this figure's presence there was also an immensely heavy energy in the room. Animals are also very susceptible to the paranormal, and given that your cat ran out the room means it probably felt the same as you did that night.

    As Lynne said, objects moving via paranormal actions is quite common. I have experienced the same thing, although it was a lot more macabre as it was the bodies of deceased pets we found in the yard and yet their graves were untouched and perfectly fine. That you can read up on over here. I have actually witnessed objects moving on their own as well (so have my family), and not slight movements, I'm talking distinct things like seeing a door handle turn and open to find no one on the other side, objects falling off surfaces even though they were far from the edge etc. So I personally think what you experienced was paranormal.

    I would suggest looking into the history of the apartment, maybe even try and find out more about the previous tenants by speaking to the landlord, but you may be able to find out more from the neighbors. Have you had any past experience with the paranormal? Sometimes even the small things can still be paranormal related and not necessarily severe things like you see in horror movies. But also remember, always try debunk what you experience just to ensure it's not paranormal. Given your descriptions I personally have no doubt you experienced something paranormal, but have you tried debunking any of the events that occurred?

    I'm currently going through a moderate experience at home, and one of the occurrences is a stable door of my flat tends to open at night. Now given that I live in South Africa and the crime is off the charts, I immediately assumed someone attempting to break in, however I was awake when it happened and didn't hear anyone run away when the house alarm was triggered (it didn't go off but it made a beeping warning sound you can hear from the stable door). But that was debunked when I didn't hear anyone run for it and also the door opened so slightly that when we investigated, it still looked closed. A normal burglar would have had and left it open a lot wider than what it was. I then tested the door by closing it and then pushing it, and no matter how hard I pushed, that door would not open unless the handle was turned. This happened twice so I'm convinced something paranormal is at play here. It's things like that which can help either put one's mind at ease or confirm something physical would need to have acted in a certain way to recreate an experience.

    If you want some tips on cleansing, read my thread "A Haunting at Vibe's", some of the members have mentioned a number of cleansing techniques. Please keep us posted if anything else happens on your side, and stay safe.
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