Head's up on Meta "Threads"


Sep 16, 2013
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Between here and there...
Don't sign up for Threads by Meta without knowing what you're getting into. Not just your credit score and other sensitive info, the pictures and audio files on your device! It follows everything, everywhere you go. It's tied to your Instagram, so to delete your data you have to lose that account as well. Guaranteed more info will come out on just how much they are spying on you.

This one appears to be much more invasive than other platforms and new info is still coming out on it.

Thanks for the info! I don't even use FB, let alone all of these other apps that have come into being. I even feel uneasy using the Capital One shopping app, but sometimes they find me a good discount or a lower price.
somehow or someway these platforms should be brought under the "peeping tom" or "wiretapping" laws.... they use way too many algorithms and info to build a profile on users. wire tapping laws do include computer and other devices besides telephones.. a limit should be set on just how far these corporations, sites, groups etc... can go.... i understand maybe things being targeted to a specific individual gained from web browsing alone. but building a profile on an individuals age, health, private life, etc... is going a little too far. a spokesman for walmart once said any customer who walks through the door could almost be told exactly what they are going to buy due to their past shopping history that is always kept on the system.....that is way too much info that no one should have and is none of anyones business to begin with, especially when it comes to health, doctors and so forth. now all your health info is online. sold. or picked up by web crawlers in that industry. ...too much info out there to be stolen, or sold to the highest bidder in each industries circle.
So far it's reported 70 million have climbed onboard that platform! My sons hit me with warnings about it this morning so I could share here. They know I'm not on anything else but FB and they have my privacy settings as tight as they can make them for me.

Paul has the right of it in his post.