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    This "UFO" was sighted by a friend of mine, and his room mate while waiting at a bus stop (back in April of 2012). It was moving slowly across the sky, with two separate swirling "tails". Click to view on imgur, and then you can right click and open the image in another tab to view it at full size. It's quite large, and good resolution.

    A similar object sighted in ohio, this image is MUCH smaller and does not include anything for scale like the above, but its shape is similar. May 2010

    Bright Orange UFO Over Powell Ohio USA

    Another "Fireball" sighted in Ohio, same year (Many "ufo" photos suck because they just literally a pic of a light against black, could be anything) November 2010
    Mysterious Fireballs Buzz Dayton Ohio Home

    While most people stick to the ETH (Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis) I am enjoying this book by Eric Oullet

    It compares UFO waves and non wave events to parasychological Psi events (RSPK -Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho-Kinetic events) and proposes that they follow the same patterns : for example 1952 & 54 DC Ufo Wave, French UFO Wave, Belgian UFO Wave, and Rendelsham Forest all have a a backdrop of political and social anxiety from McCarthyism, to the Algerian civil war and refugees of that war, the fall of the Berlin wall, to the crisis surrounding nuclear weapons at Greenam Common -with the Americans deploying nuclear armed cruise missles in the UK and the UK government consenting to it and demonstrations against it.

    The author argues that Psi (as either ESP or PK) is produced by humans either as individuals, or as social groups experiencing an anxiety that they cannot express. Sometimes this manifests in paranormal events that can produce, light, sound, levitation, ESP (whether between people, or foreknowledge that something is going to 'happen' which draws them to look outside at the sky), voices, noises, visions, humanoid "things", and more. RSPK only stops, when the anxiety is resolved or at least exposed brought to the attention of others. Some people have a mystical experiences that changes their lives. Electromagnetic fields can affect the human mind, and many people note interference or failure of electronic equipment. He argues there is valid symbolic interpretation of these events, that will connect them with social and political troubles happening concurrently.

    You have

    1. The Focus Person -around which events center, or Focus Group
    2. Environment -those around the focus person
    3. Naive Observers -people who show up and cry "it's aliens/ghosts/demons/etc"
    4. Critical Observers -those who try to analyze the situation

    And events flow in the pattern of

    1. The Surprise -things start happening, people want explanations
    2. Displacement -cause of the events is shifted from the Focus to something else (whatever it is people believe in) by Naive Observers who all think it is some living or non living intelligence
    3. Decline - Critical Observers bring scientific instruments, question everyone, and in general more and more people start watching the skies but...though they came expecting something sensational less and less is seen over time
    4. Suppression -media, the government, and others dismiss the whole thing as having ever been mysterious even when police, military, and other competent people reported what happened (it was swamp gas/ temperature inversion/ venus/ etc)

    It's a fascinating book. Furthermore Carl Jung also had theories about "flying saucers", and the human psyche. I'm going to ask my friend about it again, and try to see whether something was going on at that time, with him, or his room mate, or locally and whether anything strange happened before or afterwards that they might have overlooked as unrelated.
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    Very interesting, Sundog. Thanks for posting this!
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    Nice photos and lucky as well as skilled to get them. Any more photos from prior sightings?

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