Campers encounter BF


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May 24, 2019
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I really don't know. All that I know is that lonely and seemed to like to walk with me and listen to me talk to him. After one tussle with my german shepherd, they came to an understanding. The german shepherd stayed glued to my side and left Hugo totally alone.

Those swamps are huge and there are hundreds of square miles of virtually undisturbed territory where almost anything could live. Most people don't go into places like that and in many years that I walked those places at night, I never encountered another person walking there.

I liked the quiet. I worked at night and back then the TV went off at midnight and there was nothing to do. I always liked to walk at night and am very much a night crawler. I like the quiet places and for many reasons had nothing to fear in the night. LOL, my second favorite walking place was a cemetery. I have slept in haunted houses, walked the ghost road in Saratoga, and if it is something that most people run away from I will usually walk towards it. Hugo was a nice walking partner. I missed him for many years when we moved from the place that I grew up.

Look up the Saratoga light on Bragg road in Texas.