Blood test for mental health?

Uh no no no no, never.
Just last year the chemistry believed to be behind a whole class of anti depressants doesn't even work how they always claimed it worked.
SSRI's are selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors... and they don't do that.
How then ? Science doesn't know. But that class of drugs is a miracle for some people with depression.
There a lot of reasons people get depression, do doctors even bother to ask about it or just dish out psyche drugs?
Drugs are BIG business. Who cares if they help. Just let people get addicted to them or hell, why not prescribe yet another to get them off the first, second, third....Horrific actually.
My one girlfriend was on medication every single day for a condition. Sadly, i don't know any other way she could live normally without them. I had anxiety issues years back and my doctor prescribed me medication that basically turned me into a lump. I did not like that whatsoever. I couldn't think properly and that was no good as i just started in the electrical field. I dumped those things, finding a way to cope with it on my own. I wish all conditions could be managed without medication, but i guess that'd be naive on my part.