5-19-2023 Friday Live Chat

Oh that looks good.
How was your day Debi? I wish you lived in a nearby area , I would bring you some of these cupcakes. This bakery has had my business since Lindsey was a kid. I bought the once popular Barbie cakes from them. You know the one where the doll was in a cake that was the dress. Nobody has ever made cakes as good as this bakery. Their cake window would make you drool.
Oh I know those cakes.! Jadmom took a cake decorating class in the 60's and we had Barbie cakes everywhere with the Antebellum big skirts
You are indeed an angel, girl. Kudos to you for having such a big heart.

My day has been one of "Now I'm awake and now I am not". Good grief, it borders on narcoleptic...lol Sure hope these meds level out soon. On the plus side I do actually feel somewhat better.
Yes you are,Lynne
OMG...that would be sooo good. Dang, hungry again. lol

Lynne, I've waited all day to ask you...how does a chiropractor work on a horse?
Usually I'm wired for sound and wide awake at all crazy hours. Not so much right now. lol Since I haven't slept well in a long time, this is a new experience for me. And man...the dreams! Wow...technicolor.
My issue is I like to wake up early and stay up all night. If I go past 2am I am wired and can't get to sleep until 4 or 5. I love my afternoon naps
Sticks is indeed on there and he is retired. It's on REELZ channel and also streams on Paramount plus.
I am happy to hear that. Did you know Sticks was dating Lana Del Rey for awhile?
I am happy to hear that. Did you know Sticks was dating Lana Del Rey for awhile?
I find a lot of good stuff on Paramount Plus and Peacock