2-1-2023 Wednesday Live Chat

It's funny how there are two types of people, pen nerds and non-pen nerds. My daughter is one and it started very young. Every time we went to the store, she was wanting a new pen. She had drawers full. I always thought she'd turn out to be writer.
0.7 are my favorites and the only pens I use. Nice bold lines so I can read what I wrote! lol
Evening Everyone. Woke up to snow flurries. Not what i expected walking out door this mornin'.
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Both my daughter and I have bought ourselves a couple of packs each of #3. They come in different colors and there is even a "fancy" version with a metal body. However, the most important part for us
is the point size. I've seen these in 3 different sizes, 0.7mm, 0.5mm and 0.38mm. While I have other sizes, my daughter and I both prefer the ultra fine 0.38mm points.

And for those of you wondering the answer is; Yes, my daughter and I were excitedly geeking out in the pen section of Office Depot. And Yes, my wife walked away and tried to pretend that she didn't even know the two pen nerds.
Mechanical pencils are my thing. Dad was a CPA and it rubbed off. And it wound up being handy in my line of work using grid paper and columnar paper to do complicated estimates. The paper's lines supplies the order to chaos - and the mechanical pencil is the only way to fill it in.
Proud owner of 3 @ $30 each. Mid 90's money.

There was a draftsman's supply store near our home. They catered to architects and surveyors, engineers, and people who need #'s in order.

Nerd's United !
Hiya Christie !
Man, I'm whooped. Tired. Not in working shape yet. Did a 42/hrs week but not built for that yet.
Been a stranger around these parts for too long. But I'm coming up on a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow.
The snowfall that you described earlier sounds pretty.
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I am watching Baby Zoo with my three grand daughters while Mom and Dad have a night out.
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Baby AnnaBelle is getting bigger and pretty much out of the danger zone. She is probably 7 or 8 pounds now with pretty blue eyes.