1-10-2023 Tuesday Live Chat

Morning Lynne :) How are you today?
getting a slow start, I have worked on my aquariums and now am playing around here. I need to shower and get into life. I could become a hermit in winter if I gave in to it. How's thing on your end? Have you decided on a job yet?
I'm with Selectric, 3 and 7 seem the most useful.

Being able to see inside empty containers can be very useful depending on how broadly you define "container". If you car won't start but you can see inside the gas tank then you know it's because your out of gas. No need to walk out to the mail box to see if mail has been delivered or not, just look and see if it's empty. Those guys playing the Find the Pea Under Three Shells game would never be able to fool you.

Teleporting 7 inches means never being locked out of a room or your car. You could even build a secret room for yourself that is completely walled off, no doors or windows. The only way in or out would be to teleport.

Having both of these powers combined I bet you could come up with some sort of "magic trick" that would absolutely fool Penn and Teller.
Today's report on the Great Mouse War. I know I have won at least one battle. The problem with DeCon is it sometimes leaves them dropping over dead in places you would prefer them not. My husband says I have the nose of a bloodhound, and, like any good service dog, I sniffed out the dead one last night. Nobody else smelled it but this nose of mine is super sensitive and I tracked him down before he got too bad. Thank goodness because he was close to my side of the bed on the floor. He was probably coming to get me to pay me back. One down for sure. The war goes on, although I have not seen enemy troops in a few days now.