Ice Age caves in Montreal

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    Two cave experts have discovered a hidden network of caves underneath the busy streets of the city.
    Even though caves were first discovered under the streets of Montreal over 200 years ago, it turns out that there is still much to learn about these mysterious subterranean caverns.

    Most recently, cave experts Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc have revealed the discovery of an entirely new cave system accessible via a narrow opening situated at the back of one of the caves.

    The discovery was actually made two years ago, but because of the solid limestone walls of the cave it took until October of this year to make a hole large enough to enable exploration.

    The passage they discovered, which is resplendent with stalagmites and stalactites, is thought to extend somewhere around 700ft and is partially filled up with water.

    The pair are hoping to explore the cave system further once the water eventually subsides.

    Ice Age cave network found beneath Montreal - Unexplained Mysteries
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    Wow, how exciting! It will be neat to see if they can go even further in once the water subsides. It would be really cool if they found evidence of early visitors to the cave system.
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