YouTube Channel offers eye witness interviews


Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
From The Anomalist:

Police Officer Lonnie Zamora on Witnessing a Landed UFO and 2 Humanoids in Socorro, April 24, 1964 Eyes on Cinema
This YouTube channel is showcasing classic UFO witness interviews. This first one takes place in the shadow of New Mexican patrolman Zamora's unnerving experience. Having read the case details many times, listening to the man and hearing the references to the crowd and the investigators "in the wings," the word "empathy" forcefully comes to mind. And doubly for another Peace Officer, as RCMP Officer James Blackwood Talks about his UFO Sighting in Clarenville, Canada, October 26, 1978. Here is the sound and video of a lesser-known but obviously impactful event. And the effects are not limited to the witnesses, per Guido Valentich on the Disappearance of His Pilot Son Frederick after Reporting a UFO, 1978. Just days prior to Constable Blackwood's sighting, Mr. Valentich's son vanished over Australia's Bass Strait. Given the gravity of this situation, the reenactment and audio, supplemented by a transcript, are frankly chilling. And we have Pilot Andy Danziger on Witnessing a Huge UFO on a Flight from Kansas to Iowa, 1989. The undeniably shocking circumstances of a 25-year-old encounter are accompanied by an instructive lesson about the historic "stigma" attached to UFO reporting, whatever the comments of uninformed, self-designated "experts."
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