You wore what?


Truth Seeker
May 24, 2019
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When I was in school they were just happy if they could get you to come and learn something. Clothing rules were based on requiring kids to cover up the important parts mostly and that was almost it. In highschool ragged jeans and T-shirts for the guys and a skirt no shorter than a foot above the knees for the girls or painted on tight jeans. Hair was just ignored so lots of the males had hair halfway down their backs and beards. I had the hair but not the beard. A weak mustache and a goatee were about all that I had until I was in my thirties. That said they offered a good education if you wanted it. If you weren't interested you sat in the back and were mostly quiet and ignored the teacher. Those were rough years and most of the boys that were not college-bound were just trying to enjoy life until they were drafted and shipped off to Vietnam to fight for people that would not fight for their own freedom.