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wrong Meditation technique ?


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May 27, 2019
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If you are just meditating to relax then I doubt you will have created something from that. Thought forms need...thought to keep them going and usually takes time & effort.
What usually does happen in meditation is that You change. You become more open to outside influences. You may find that some deity just suddenly pops up and says Hi, and if you ask for help then you usually get it. You can also speak to someone there as a guide...but may also be your higher (true) self...and gets a bit complicated. Generally you can meet these things and more during meditation.

The inner voice you are getting answers from is probably your higher self, and can communicate as a form of knowing, gut instinct, or feeling of certainty.

When you are angry and things tend to move / break, this may be more of a problem as it is difficult to control.

The things in odd places may be poltergeist activity of a spirit already there, stirred up with what is happening to you, and may not be directly connected to you.

What I find strange is that this scenario is almost identical to my (now) wife. She was also studying and meditating, had similar strange objects placed in ovens and fridges, heard kitchen noises at night, and ended up having effects on electrical items when angry or stressed, and things would likely break or fall off when in this condition. So if anything all these things may be related and we just haven't figured it out yet.

Richard Löwenherz

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Jul 31, 2019
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i stopped meditating the way i did since february this year.
my goal of meditation back then was to have that joyful moment i perceived. my thoughts about meditation i already said in the first post.
i was very curious about it cause i heard that meditation causes great things like living without food >> Prahlad Jani - Wikipedia <<
i even heard of someone being immortal and living for thousands of years somewhere in himalaya or so

a few days ago i hooked up the prayer from St. Michael on the wall like Debi says and spoke it out loudly a few times since then no activity was to be detected.
i am not in danger and never was it really i guess, i simply got scared cause this stuff is really new to me. i mean really what the heck is going on when things move or fall down suddenly without any reasonable explanation.
i am still curious about it , but i think we never can be sure what it really is