Wolfstanes and Harestanes


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May 27, 2019
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Wolfstanes (in Scotland) Wolfstones, or as I used to live near one that was marked on the map simply as "Woof" are ancient stones in the landscape that have been used as altars for centuries.

Harestanes (Scotland) or harestones likewise have a significant role at certain times of the year.

But there is a problem. - They are disappearing !

The stones themselves are not moving anywhere, although a few do get moved or destroyed because of development, no the problem is more about the knowledge that they are wolfstones or harestones at all.

Most are unmarked in any way. Some have carvings on them - a rabbits foot is common. Most are large boulders that are on the boundary of a field, but many still in Scotland are left intentionally where they have always been - usually in the middle of a field.

This doesn't work well with modern agriculture (even less with horse drawn ploughs - but they managed) so with the tools available to farmers they are often moved without a thought.

Fortunately there are still farmers who honour the old ways. I was lucky to live next to one. I asked him one day about the Woofstane. He stopped what he was doing and walked up close to me, then in low stone he told me that folks around here still use it..... and there is a harestane that wasn't marked on a map. He took me to it as it was on the edge of his land, next to the road. A large boulder wider than it was high, and he cleared the grass to show me the rabbits foot.

As these seem to be kept a secret I expect more will be lost with each passing generation. There is no national register, there is no map. In fact many of the smaller stone circles aren't even marked! I've found 3 in fields just by walking over the rough areas. Maybe not as grand as stonehenge but probably the same date.

Fortunately most of the larger stone circles are national heritage sites. I have 3 locally and they all have a different atmosphere. Maybe I should post about them too?
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Jul 24, 2015
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Rowan, interesting and it's always great to get some first-hand local knowledge.:)
Do you have any pictures.?
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