Winged Anomaly Encounters


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Oct 4, 2015
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I often see the universe in layers fashion. Imagine for a moment a book. This book opens from the side like all books but it also opens from the top like a tablet. It also opens both from right to left and left to right and top to bottom and bottom to top. Our soul or consciousness moves through this book normally one page at a time. The differences between the layers are not normally different enough for people to notice the little discrepancies. Occasionally though, the pages flutter as if caught by a wind and we are momentarily displaced. The mind deals with this and seeks out its rightful place BUT there is left an impression from our displaced moment.

We are on every page of that book. Only our consciousness moves and it moves in one direction normally. On each page, there is a version of you that is going about their lives and seeing their world as normal. When there is a hickup and one jumps pages that creates a cascading effect where every version of you may be displaced. The turning of the pages is in four dimensions of time and space so when you are displaced it can be into other places and other times...for just a moment for most people. What you bring back is memories. This is why I refer to my clairvoyant visions as me Remembering the future. To a much smaller extent, I have occasionally experienced what might be called past life regressions and "remembered" things from a past that isn't mine. this can happen sometimes when I touch something.

To some extent, I'm not sure that we are not one and all the same being just traveling in different ways on different pages. This is why people sometimes feel a special connection when they meet someone. They have walked a path that is nearly the same and so have a connection that is more apparent than most.

Might it be that when the creator brought forth our universe that it used the only material that was available to create it. Is it possible that every man, woman, animal and speck of sand is a tiny piece of the greater whole that is temporarily operating in a limited independent way? It is said that not even a sparrow can fall without the creator knowing it. It is because the sparro is as much a part of the creator as is every other spall piece of the creation. I think sometimes that the "book" is just a daydream by a bored greater being that has offered itself into our existence?

As is my normal fashion I have wandered all over the place. All of this is but the pondering of a wild imagination trying to find meaning in a world of endless questions. I hope that in some limited way that I have offered you an interesting moment to try and grok the unimaginable...
This is very profound and may well be true. The Big Bang has been described as god exploding himself. The creator may be like the supreme over soul of everything in the physical world. I really like your thoughts on this.