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Sep 5, 2018
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The very Haunted Wood's... Ozarks
is it that it take's a degree in 'REALLY' to open the packaging around a product, almost any product, making the package of way higher quality then the product? Why do auto parts dealer's always smirk and say "maybe ya should buy American" when you return a defective part for the third or fourth time and fail to stock American? Why did I JUST find out that you can make a very good pie crust with oil or butter or both and NOT have to roll it out??? Criminy!
open the packaging around a product
Plastic wrap has sometimes made it a challenge to open things; taped or sealed boxes another. I always carry a pocket knife (with scissors). I use it every day for one reason or another. Its tiny enough that I don't notice it, until I need it.
Why is it that some vendors waste so much packaging on little, tiny items? I received two filters for my breathing machine. They measure less than two inches across, both ways. What did they mail them in? A huge plastic envelope big enough to hold my kitchen drain rack. :mad: Not only that, it was difficult to open, as well.
Amazon is notorious for shipping items in the most outlandishly oversized boxes they can find. And half the time there is no packing material, so it rattles around in there, taking transit damage the whole time.
Now, that's an idea! I already made a tunnel out of an oblong box, but they don't seem interested after playing with it briefly. They are constantly pestering me to get out the laser light. Cute!
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