Where do you get your pets?

Ragnar, I had a sheltie collie muttmix named Thor !
Sorry to hear about giving him up.
Reggie was a Heinz 57 puppy. I found her one super cold February day in a bad neighbor hood in Gary Indiana. An older lady took care of the dog but it pretty much lived outside in a vacant lot filled with junk. Reggie warmed up to me and the lady said that dog loves you and you can take him home. She called the dog ' Ugly '.
That name was not going to sit well so I was on Jackson street not too far from where the Jackson 5 grew up. Reggie Jackson was my favorite baseball player from the late seventies...

And when I got to the veterinarian the next day I found out that Reggie was a girl.
( I'm not very good at determining when animals are boys or girls. 50/50 chance, and I'm 0-10.)
Reggie was so sweet, and Shadow T. Cat's best friend.
Paint, you need not look for pets because God simply puts them in your path. (God to kittens: Stand by...here he comes now. Meow on the count of 3...)
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Sugar - Fluffy
Tippy - Cliff
Growing up fast !