What was your game?

Loved High Speed, Spy Hunter, can't remember the name of the one with the guy fighting with a chainsaw. Loved pinball as well. Popped so many of them always gave my free games away to the young kids watching me lol.
How could I forget about spy hunter???That was the funnest game ever!!
I used to hang out at the bowling alley arcade. I played all the games but some of my favorites Spy Hunter, Double Dragon, After Burner, Toobin' and Shinobi. There used to be a game called Hot Rod that I played at the Chuck E Cheese, it had 4 steering wheels around the screen so 4 players could race each other at once. I loved that game but never got to play it much as everyone I knew hated that game and thought it was kinda dumb.

Today I just play games at home on my PC. Mostly RPG, Adventure and Strategy games.
Pinball , Pong, Pacman at the pizza place after little league. Maxed out with Space Invaders when it got too fast.
Tried games at an arcade at the mall. Everything was too complicated except for the shooting and the driving games.

Started shooting skeet at 13 ish, and, like I said to a youngster that I took shooting
, "it's outside Nintendo."