What Practices Do You Perform?

Discussion in 'Spirituality / MetaPhysics / OBE / NDE' started by JohnHermes, Jan 21, 2019.

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    I personally would like list a few of somethings I'm practicing right now

    Raja yoga - This is basically mediation. There's levels of meditation and different types as an initiate progresses. When he/she continues they expand the "self' and all its psychic capabilities.

    Shadow work - A term coined by Carl Jung (Psychoanalyst). Daily reminders I look at, negative aspects of myself. Reprogramming habits and thought/emotion process

    lucid dreaming - Using dreams to help understand my own psyche as well as unlocking it. Using dreams to enter other realms (Yaqui shamans use dreams for ascending to higher realms) .

    You practice something similar or something completely different?
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    Are you asking what we do for our own spiritual growth?
    If I’m understanding correctly. I think that will be as different as a persons beliefs. I personally spend time in daily prayer being a Christian. I find yoga and deep breathing exercises are great stress relievers and put one in touch with mind and body.
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