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What Do Dreams Mean?


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Oct 28, 2017
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Interesting dreams Wands. I don’t know if they have meaning but I’d keep an eye on the Tupperware lol. A door can have a lot of meaning and that one will give you food for thought.
Yes, I lost my door. What the flip is that supposed to mean!? :mad:


Feb 3, 2020
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BBC News - What do our dreams mean?
What do our dreams mean?
For me personally, dreams are always like the descriptions of my current mood and situation. For example, when I'm happy, I'd usually had light, fun dreams. When I'm troubled or afraid, on the other hand, I'd usually had strange, annoying dreams, etc. Mostly, that's what dreams are for me, and maybe, for most people as well.

But since I'm also into somekind of particular spirituality, things aren't always as simple as that for me in particular. There were times, where I've had certain dreams on certain situations, and the feelings upon those dreams could have been deceptive or the meaning of those dreams are contradicting or against the feelings you'd have felt in those dreams. .

For example, what'd you feel when you were in a dream where someone gives you lots of money? Most likely, you'd feel happy and considered the dream to be a good one, since also most likely, you'd just wake up with your heart light and fresh body like full of energy, energized by the happiness you've felt on that dream. Although in reality, you wouldn't find the money handed over to you in your dream, doesn't matter how hard you search your entire room or even house. This is where the deception lies for me.

My people, have this one thing called 'paririmbon', some sort of written spiritual guide book handed down from generations before us, and one of the things written there is how to interpret some certain dreams on certain situations. Money, or currency, represents necessity and wealth.

But in spirituality, we'd have to considered everything as double edged blade to be at least on the safe side. In this money case, money also represents greed, or filth of the world. It also represents one of the sources of heart ailments so to say, if you can't carry it with wisdom. Imagine how people can easily kill each other even over a small sum of money nowadays.

In the paririmbon, when you've had a dream where a person (be it known to you or not) hands over you money, it means in real life, somebody is most likely will give you bad things, it's kind of a warning dream so to say. Personally, I knew it to be true. I've been having this kind of dream for several times for as long as I live, even before I knew the meaning of it in the paririmbon, and it always came true that somebody would just gave me some hard times after I had the dream.

Another example, there's actually a kind of dream I really hate to have or experience. Unlike the money dream, I've never felt it to be a happy or fun dream, but it's not like an annoying or frightening one too. It's just like a common dream, really. It's a dream of (I'm sorry to say this) dumping human afterprocess material on the toilet (and I'm not talking about peeing, no, it's the other one).

In the paririmbon, the meaning of this dream is that you're going to loose something precious. It's another kind of warning dream, but for something worse, if you know what I mean

It just so happen that I've been hit by santet some years back. Lucky for me, I was able to send a help request to my master when it happened, so he was able to save me, although I couldn't even get up from bed for 5 weeks afterwards.
Just around 3 months prior to the incident, I've had that dumping dream, of which worried me a lot.
Santet is a horrible thing, and I've almost lost my life because of it. That's why I hate that kind of dream so much.

Btw, if you want to know more about santet, please google it yourself. It's not like I can't explain it-I'm so sorry, but please understand that I still have the trauma over being hit by it and I'm still not in the right mood to talk at length about it as well.

Other than those kind of warning dreams and other common dreams, there're also good dreams although maybe you'd just felt them to be like common dreams since (as I've experienced it myself), these kind of dreams aren't really something memorable for some people, especially when the dreams aren't really nailed onto their hobby, so to say.

Dreaming of caught a fish when you're fishing in that dream, for example, is one of them. It means, a fortune awaits you in the future, be it near or far. Having a dream of able to fly means you'll gain a useful insight concerning your dire situation or you'll solve out a problem. Having a dream of rowing a boat means you'll learn something new, etc. Other than having a dream of rowing a boat, I've had dreams of caught a fish and flying myself.

I've also had some sleep paralysis quite a lot, especially when I was a little kid to the point I'd had sleep paralysis at least once in a week. But I've never considered it as a state of having a ghost sitting on top of me or something like that. Due to the fact that I've had sleep paralysis quite a lot since I was a little kid, I've been able to observe even then that a sleep paralysis is usually a sign that I'd have a strange dream or a nightmare, should I chose to let the paralysis took over me. If I wasn't in the right mood to have such dreams, I'd just tried to break myself free from the paralysis state while I was still capable to think clearly. It's an easy thing, actually; just try to move. A slight movement is enough to break the state and bring you fully awake. But of course, the process of doing it is not as easy as knowing how to break free; it's going to be the real struggle you've ever had in your life between your body against your will. There were times I've failed myself :D

I don't know about this btw, but somebody from another paranormal discussion board forum seemed to believe that sleep paralysis is actually the early stage of OBE process. I've been experiencing OBE myself, only once, as far as I can recall. But I don't remember I was having any sleep paralysis right before it happened. All I can remember that as if something pulled my mind deeper into the darkness wen I was about to sleep and the next thing I knew I saw my own body lies motionless on the bed. I also saw two other 'people' in my room at the time, they were just looked like me; their face, their body shape and heights; they were 100% looked like me. They greeted me, and we were having some chats before I returned to my body and woke up. That's all to it in my case.

Then there're also dreams that seemed to be strange and long ones, mostly like I was having a long journey in those dreams. They were long because it seemed every process in that journey was shown to me, starting from my first step, then meet a stranger, having a chat with them, or meeting another one who asked me for help about something and I'd just went on to help them, and so on. After having this kind of dream, I'd usually woke up feeling exhausted. One thing I can clearly remember though, of all the journeys in those dreams, it's rare for me to reach the destination of the journey itself. Maybe it's because I'm still walking my own my journey in the real life, who knows?

Also the dreams of meeting wise old men and women, where usually they'd gave me something, mostly insights. But once, I've had a dream of meeting an 'old' man in white robe, with long white hair and beard. I say 'old' because despite of his appearance like an old man, his face was looking like as if he was at his youth. The man drew a white sword and told me it was already the time for me to have the sword. He then asked me to receive the sword. When I extended my hands forward however, instead of putting the sword on my hands, he just stabbing it on my left arm, through from up to bottom. It was a dream but the pain was like real, and I woke up screaming.

Come to think of it, another old man on another dream (this time, it was really an old man to the face), told me abut 'books of life' or something like that. He said there were 9 books ever created and 3 of them meant for human. Don't even think to try to search for the other 6 books however, because they weren't meant for human.

And eversince I've joined my master's circle, I've been developed this habit of fighting some psychic attacks in my dreams as well. At first, using only my two fists, then, after ‘receiving’ the sword stabbed on my left arm, I also used it.
I've ‘beheaded’ 2 'persons' in these dreams so far. One was believed to be a black magick witch with a very ugly appearance that has been bugging me off in some of my dreams. She even tried to burn my head off once.

And the other one was... well, it was a young woman, a beautiful one, but she came to take my life because 'I was on her way to get to my girlfriend' (she clearly said so. And I was like, what??). Btw, my girlfriend is also a former cultist, currently trying so hard to run and stay away from the cult she was into.

Well, I had to protect both of myself and my girlfriend, so I had no choice but to chop her head off. Besides, she was annoyingly very persistent and strong, and I was almost lost the fight myself.

Btw, these kind of dreams would usually have the same effect as the journey dream ones for me, that I'd just woke up feeling exhausted afterwards.

Well, that's what dreams mean if you ask me; fantasy, situation, premonition, and...psychic attack :D
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The Outlaw

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May 30, 2020
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Waterworld, USA
I've always been told that they're unresolved issues and honestly, I don't think that's far from the truth. Sometimes dreams are uncomfortable or may serve as a slap in the face from a mistake we may have made in the past but for me personally, I think they can also offer some form closure in our lives from past events or things that we regret that we never got.


Sep 16, 2013
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South of Indy
Latest dream just for fun. I was Miss Kitty in Dodge and mad at Matt Dillon. (Waaay tooo much of this TV program in my life...can ya tell?) Anyway, I was mad because he lost my blue tennis shoes in the river and I wanted them back. He did finally go into the river and get them, but I told him I was leaving Dodge and never coming back...lol At this point I woke up with the vision in my mind of a very wet Matt who I pushed into the river right there at the end. Now, what were the blue tennis shoes about? And who or what am I mad at in real life? Or is my brain just over it with Dodge City reruns? :p