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Dec 23, 2018
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This area is for you to share your paranormal/spiritual experiences, thoughts and dreams. Please feel free to post as many as you wish. All experiences are sacred to the one posting and shall be honored as such.

UFO sightings? Dreams? Ghosts? Theories? Tell us about them.
When I was a freshman in high school, I had a friend who I'm going to call Kate. Kate's family invited me over the summer to their time share in Lake Tahoe, and a lot of their extended family were going as well. Kate's mother is Catholic, but she is also spiritual in other ways, including crystals, tarot cards, and deep meditations where you could meet your "intuition". I was and still am very open to many spiritual practices, so when Kate's mother offered to lead us in meditation, I happily obliged. Some people we sitting in chairs, but Kate and I decided to lay down on the floor with as many blankets as possible. I was a very well-led meditation, and Kate's mother eventually asked us to imagine a meadow or a calm place with a stump in the middle. I chose a heavy Tolkien-like forest to imagine, and we were told to manifest a cord grounding us through our Sacral chakras, connecting us to the stump. Eventually the meditation was led to show us our "intuition" as a physical manifestation. In my meditation, I had a fae-like creature appear to me. He had a skull on his head that seemed to belong to a large horned animal, and was covered in various parts of leather and metal armor. There were various pieces of moss stuck on him, and he seemed very at peace with himself and me. He wore kilt stained a natural color of purple, and seemed like a very revered gladiator/warrior. His skin was a darker shade of red-brown, and he had curly hair. One of the questions we were told to ask our intuitions was,"how do you feel about me?". When I asked him, all I got was a vision of green hills, layered on top of each other. When telling Kate's mother about this after the meditation, I was told that green in the color of the heart chakra, and that the hills extending into the distance was symbolic of his love going on and on forever. This experience was so unlike anything I could have thought up on my own, and so specific that it shocked me for a few days afterwards.