We stayed in a "haunted" hotel because we "overlooked" the reviews.


Jul 16, 2020
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Usually people would post messages at the Your Paranormal Experiences section but since me and my family didn't experience anything so I posted this message here instead. Yes, we stayed at the Baiyoke Sky hotel in Bangkok in 2019 but I only found out about the stories during this year.
The 10 Most Haunted Places in Bangkok

People who stayed there gave reviews about how eerie the hotel felt and also told of their weird experiences
At that time,when me and my parents stayed there we didn't experience anything at all. I stayed alone in the room for three hours without any paranormal experiences. But maybe that was because that was during the day.Liked their breakfast time a lot though.

(Now that I've searched further,perhaps the reputation was just overblown as they also say the "paranormal happenings" are just minimal. Ah well,at least we can say we stayed there)
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