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    Giant crucifix at the bottom of Lake Michigan draws revelers and worshipers from across the country | Daily Mail Online

    VERY holy water: Hundreds flock to a frozen Lake Michigan to see an underwater, 11ft marble crucifix with Jesus on that is visible for the first time in four years because of the extreme cold
    • An estimated 1,200 sightseers saw a giant crucifix statue of Christ at the bottom of Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan for the first time since 2015 on Saturday
    • Severe weather prevented anyone from seeing the statue for the last four years
    • Workers cut a hole in Lake Michigan's icy surface so the revelers could look into the water and see the statue
    • The 11ft. marble crucifix weighs 1,850 lbs and features a 5'5" statue of Christ
    • It was made in Italy 1956 after being commissioned by a family mourning the loss of their 15-year-old son
    • It's regarded as a shrine honoring people who have died on the water
    Hundreds of people traveled to the small northern Michigan town of Petoskey for the chance of catching a glimpse of a rare sight - a life-sized statue of Jesus Christ on the cross submerged in Lake Michigan.

    Severe weather has prevented anyone from seeing the 11-ft., 1,850 lb. religious symbol made of marble since 2015, when a record-sized crowd of 2,021 people stood in line for hours in frigid temperatures to see it.

    There was no guarantee visitors would get to see the cross this year, but this time, their prayers were answered.

    Lake Michigan is currently frozen and workers had to cut a hole through the ice on Saturday so that an estimated 1,200 sightseers could see the giant Jesus submerged under the water.
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