Upright Canines in France

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    “In January 2018, I had an encounter with a bipedal wolf-like creature at night, near Nice (France) on the way home from work around 00h45. I told my story same night to my family and later to four friends. In January 2019, several people from the same area of my observation were awakened around 02:30 in the morning to powerful cries.

    Another amazing thing, my wife, my son of 21 years and I, were awakened as well. They were 1 km away as were the neighboring houses. At the same time the Husky of the neighbor barked louder and was more excited then we have ever heard it on that night since it birth (4 years ago). It's a friend who told me the next afternoon on the phone. He was scared and was remembering my encounter a year ago. He explained that a lady next to her apartment felt like the creature was in her garden!” Alain Bgt

    “It happened in April 2017. I live in the Paca (France) and one night I saw something really strange. It was about one o'clock in the morning, I was driving with my wife and we were going home. She was tired, so she was sleeping when it happened.

    I live in a small village in the heart of the countryside and vineyards and at night, I often drive full high beams because we have a lot of game that can cross the road so I drive carefully. I arrived at the foot of the woods, and I saw two luminescent eyes on my right at the edge of the grass. I told myself right away it's a fox. So I slowed down to avoid difficulties. He decided to cross the road while I was at what, a hundred meters (I was not driving more than 60 km / h). I saw these eyes at the height of man, an indistinct and massive form. He sped away at high speed when I arrived at his spot. I pounded the gas! My wife woke up suddenly and asked what happened. I did not dare to tell her. A fox?

    I do not know what it was but it gave me a blue jolt. It was the size of a bear because I saw the silhouette and it spun in the woods. It was a pretty massive animal. I saw him on the road between Villes-sur-Auzon and Mazan. where the green fences are. I never heard of testimony in the area and it was bigger than a Pyrenean shepherd style dog or even a St Bernard. As I remembered the facts, I had thought of a fox. We have wolves near Mont Ventoux but given its size, it was not a wolf. My observation only lasted a few seconds - one minute max to the time I arrived at his spot. A massive body that was straightened from the height of its size. We could have said a bear but there is none in the area. It was big, easily 2 meters high, considering the perspective of my vantage point. It was because when I started to distinguish his silhouette with the headlights, it went off at full speed in the opposite direction. I have not been to see the gendarmes, nor hunters because they would certainly have insinuated that I had too much booze.” JAL

    Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal
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    I read this story to my brother. He said remember I went camping with my friends and uncle Billy took us? Said yeah, then I remembered what my brother and uncle both said.
    When they got the tents up and got fire started they heard a noise. My uncle brother went to chase the animal away.
    One of my brother's friends dad was also there. He told my brother go back to camp. He told my uncle to stay put. This was back in "81" when my brother was 10. Steve I will call him(not real name) was a trained tracker and former military. He went into woods next thing ran out yelling get out of her! They packed up and as they were about to drive away
    My brother said they looked back and seen 2 sets of red eyes looking back at them about 4-5 ft tall.
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    Some of these reports are so poorly written they are just not readable.

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